Shea Olein

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Shea Olein (Shea Butter Oil) is a wholesale supplier of pure Shea Olein. Our all natural, pure oil of Shea butter, also known as Shea Olein, is extracted naturally from the fruit of the Shea Nut, from the shea tree. 

Our 100% pure Shea Oil, also known as Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) Seed Oil, is harvested only by responsible sustainable producers, and refined without the use of any harmful chemical solvents using a mechanical pressing method. After expressing the shea butter the shea oil is made by gently melting the shea butter to separate it via a method called  fractionation resulting in a "fractionated" shea oil that is more liquid after being lightly refined. 

Shea Olein oil is a top quality oil used in all kinds of products for skin care, hair care and other topical cosmetics, skin creams, lotions and make-up.It is easily absorbed into  skin promoting skin elasticity; and does not leave an oily or greasy residue typical of many heavier and more processed oils. Shea  Olein, also called shea Olein is also a  natural emollient and often added in to products as a treatment for dry skin and hair. You will  find Shea Olein in so many top products from top hair and skin care formulations, and baby care products since it is so gentle and soothing to skin. Another very popular use is in massage oils since it give good slip and is so nourishing to skin. 

Since Shea Olein contains a high level of vitamins A, E, F and oleic fatty acids , it is used to soothe skin and is reported to also help soothe irritated skin with the many benefits of the high fatty acids.

Shea butter is known to be especially beneficial to skin in many way due to the high fatty content  and the type contained, and the shea butter oil is often seen as even more beneficial in skin care since it can absorb quicker in to the skin. This absorption is considered by many to also keep skin hydrated better adding more beneficial properties when the shea olein is used in products. 

Expeller / mechanically extracted. 100 % Pure Shea Oil (Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) Seed Oil)

Our Shea Olein when we buy it in the original containers, like many of our top butters, is food grade (many are also organic) . We also have larger sizes available when unopened will maintain the food grade designation.  Larger sizes are 25 Kg pails and 190 Kg drums. 

INCI: Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) Seed Oil.

Appearance: Clear golden yellow oil

Odor - slight nutty odor - typical.

Shelf life  if unopened or kept in a tightly sealed original container without exposure to light or air 18 months

CAS 91080-23-08