Cetyl Alcohol

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Cetyl Alcohol

Cetyl Alcohol is a widely used, all-purpose, stabilizing emulsifier / co-emulsifier, and it is compatible with almost all common cosmetic ingredients. It is a common non-gelling thickening agent that's used throughout the cosmetic industry for its  stable consistency, and the other benefits it  gives to products. It  is comprised of 95% fatty acids derived from vegetable oils, primarily coconut and palm oils.

Cetyl Alcohol is used in formulations to make all kinds of creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioning agent , hair conditioners. In creams and lotions it improves feel and texture, while also thickening and adding body. In shampoos and conditioners it adds texture and smoothing and feel to the product, and helps with improving wet comb out. In body body washes it adds nice feel to the product while also adding body and thickening. 

In makeup products like lipsticks, and other non water based products, it adds emolliency and consistency.

It is often used as an easy to use and natural thickener / rheology modifier that will improve the texture of all formula containing an oil phase. 

In addition to the more  common uses (emulsion stabilizing for example) it is also used for its excellent after feel, as an  emollient, moisturizer, viscosity stabilizer, non gelling thickening, and foam enhancer in water based products. 

Cetyl Alcohol is an excellent addition to you hair and skin care products. It is environmentally friendly, is a green product as a thickener. Plus cetyl Alcohol adds good after feel in lotions and creams, and in hair conditioners offers good comb out ability. 

Typical use 0.5 - 8%. (In some formulations usage above 3% Can Cause Soaping in Emulsions) 

Solubility - Cetyl Alcohol is soluble in diethyl ether, acetone, some other solvents. (Test for compatibility)It is slightly soluble in alcohol. Insoluble in cold water. Partially solubility in hot water        

Common Trade Names:Cetyl, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol NF, 1-Hexadecanol,  Alkonat 16, Alfol 16, Lorol C 16, Lanette 16,CO 1695   


Formulations using Cetyl Alcohol:

Protective Hand Lotion

Sunscreen Cream


INCI Name, CAS No.

  • INCI Name: Cetyl Alcohol
  • CAS no: 36653-82-4
  • EINECS no.: 253-149-0
  • 1-Hexadecanol


  • Appearance: White to Off White Flakes or pastilles
  • Odor: Mild Waxy Odor
  • Acid Value: .5 Max
  • Hydroxyl Value: 226 to 235
  • Iodine Value: 1 Max
  • Saponification Value: 1 Max
  • Required HLB Value: 15.5 Max
  • Melting Point: 113°F to 124°F
  • Solubility: Insoluble in water. Soluble in IPA and Mineral Oil
  • Flash Point: 320°F

Safety Data Sheet



Keep in a cool (preferably below 85°F, the cooler the better), dark and dry store-room.

Shelf Life

Under optimal storage conditions, in original unopened drums/containers, maximum 18 months.

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  • 5
    Love for Cetyl Alcohol

    Posted by Eva on Apr 26th 2021

    Great product helps with the lotion making properties and makes it a breeze

  • 5

    Posted by Audrey Sullivan on Apr 24th 2021

    Love this in my lotions and scrubs. Thanks

  • 5
    fabulous in lotions and shampoo bars

    Posted by Eleanor Thorne on Dec 7th 2020

    I use this in lotions (1-2%) and in shampoo bars (3-5%) and find it contributes a silkiness that I really like. It is easy to use, melts readily, blends nicely. I love it!

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Chi on Jul 18th 2020

    Used this in my cream formulation and loved how it turned out. I'll be buying again

  • 5
    It´s a great product. My order arrived in a timely manner.

    Posted by Alejandra on Jul 10th 2020

    It´s a great product.

  • 5
    Great Products; Great Pirices

    Posted by Zekara Milim on Feb 6th 2020

    Make Your Own is now our go to supplier for raw materials and other products that support our efforts to build a new beauty care brand. I find the prices fair and them to be a reliable source for just about everything we need.

  • 5
    Best Cetyl Alcohol!

    Posted by Tammy Binning on Dec 13th 2019

    Absolutely love this cetyl alcohol; made my lotion & cream concentrate even more amazing!!

  • 5

    Posted by Janis on Jul 5th 2019

    LOVE IT!

  • 4
    Cetyl Alcohol

    Posted by Sonya James on Sep 1st 2018

    Great packaging and fast shipping!! Can't wait to create something fabulous. Thanks