Coconut Butter

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Coconut Butter

Our Coconut Butter is perfect for skin moisturizing, lotion making. Pure coconut butter contains Lauric Acid,reported to be an ideal natural protectant and great moisturizer. Some report that it even helps fight dermatological fungi.  Our pure coconut butter is made from the very best quality coconut kernels then mixed with soft shea stearine.

Coconut Butter is used in many popular body lotions, creams, baby lotions, hair and skin care products, massage oils, lip balms and more

The oil in coconut butter can separate to the top. To liquefy and blend, place jar in hot water for 5-10 minutes and stir. ( Any brown specks are natural to coconut.)

We only buy the very best quality coconut butter. It is specially selected for making all natural hair and skin care products. 


(See Technical Data tab for additional information)


Formulations using Coconut Butter:

Blooming Bath Powder


Technical Info

INCI:                                        CAS no.:                                     EC/EINECS no.:        

Cocos nucifera oil                    8001-31-8                                    232-282-8

Butyspermum parkii butter      194043-92-0/ 91080-23-8            293-515-7


Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: Pale yellow very soft fat

Odor: Neutral to faint smell

% Free Fatty Acids (as oleic acid) Max 0.5

Iodine Value    40-50


Safety Data Sheet