Toasted S'more Whipped Soap




  1. Combine Palm Oil and Coconut Oil in a small container. When they are fully mixed together, set the mixture in the fridge until it has completely hardened.
  2. Melt the Castile Soap in the microwave in a large bowl until it is completely melted. Then mix in the Vegetable Glycerin and water. Set aside to cool at room temperature. 
  3. When the Palm Oil/Coconut Oil mixture has hardened, scoop it into the soap mixture then stir together with a stick blender
  4. Once it is completely incorporated, add the Fireside Fragrance Oil and mix with a whisk. 
  5. Separate the whipped soap into two halves and add your brown colorant to one half. I used equal parts black and brown iron oxide to create a darker brown color. 
  6. Place a large ziplock or piping bag in a tall container for stability. Portion out the two colors in equal parts to create a two toned effect for piping. 
  7. Cut off the tip of the bag and pipe the whipped soap into our 16 oz clear PET jars.
  8. Label correctly and enjoy an amazing and moisturizing whipped soap!